Moroccan black soap

First and foremost, Moroccan Black Soap is a component of a skin-calming treatment. Because it is high in minerals, it aids in the purification of the skin, resulting in an incredibly seductive and smooth finish. Moroccans have been making a dark cleanser that has been kept a secret for a long time to clean the skin, make it better, and more beautiful.

What is Moroccan black soap? 

First of all, Moroccan Black Soap is a piece of placating skin treatment. Since it is plentiful in minerals that assist with purging the skin. Moroccans use the dark cleanser to clean the skin deeply since it helps scrub the dead one. 

black soap of Morocco is also a dark smooth surface soap that is used to remove poisons from the body and prepare the skin for exfoliation. As a result, it is an organic beauty product with incredible capabilities that are commonly used in Moroccan Hammams and spas for skin health care, and you can now use it at home.


The cleanser gently cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells (the unpleasant and dry external surface). Blood and lymph vessels increase as a result of the shedding.

Moroccan black soap is high in vitamin E, which soothes tingling caused by dead skin and clogged pores. It’s also effective for reducing in-growing hair. When this is done, your skin is more able to absorb the subsequent skin health management treatments, such as cover, tanning, and saturating.

Overall, the natural Moroccan dark cleanser makes it possible to partake in bizarre excellence cultures from all over the world. So, using this item will leave your skin feeling smooth to the touch. Make this cleanser a continuous part of your daily routine for the best results. You can acquire healthy, shining skin with this shedding technique.


Properties of Black Soap

  1. Water,
  2. Olive oil,
  3. Black olive extract,
  4. Potassium hydroxide.

How to use Moroccan Black Soap

The Moroccan Black soap Is utilized the same way as any standard cleanser yet produces almost no froth. Subsequently, the Moroccan Black soap has to be applied by kneading clammy skin equitably during a hot shower or shower. Stay away from contact with eyes.

Leave the cleanser on for 5 minutes, and afterward scour the skin unequivocally with the shedding glove. Relax on the off chance that you see dull particles show up: it essentially gets dead skin coming dry your body.


Min.Order Quantity:   50 Pieces or 5kg

Supply Ability:   2000 Kg/Kg per Week

Port:      Casablanca /Tanger MED / Agadir

Payment Terms:  L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 100g, 150g,250g ,1kg ,5kg ,20kg plastic jars.

Delivery Time: 5 days after confirmation of all detaills and deposit


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: from Morocco
  • Brand Name: Elk&Deer or private labeling
  • Form:  Paste
  • Use:  Body , face
  • Product name: Moroccan Black soap
  • Feature : Antiseptic, Basic Cleaning, Whitening
  • Flavors : Eucalyptus – Lavender…
  • Delivery Time : 7-15 working days
  • Cultivation type: 100% Organic
  • Shipping :UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,etc or as per customer request
  • Precautions: Rinse thoroughly if products gets into the eye Keep away from children
  • FOB Price : Contact US

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